Borderless Healthcare Group Donates Clinic-of-the-future Platform and International Medical Resources to Support Myanmar-Based Health Professionals to Kickstart Support for Burmese Migrant Workers in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, USA and Beyond!

Global COVID-19 experts to commence ‘borderless co-care’ with Burmese speaking doctors.

14 May 2020 – Borderless Healthcare Group leads a total wellness program for underprivileged Burmese workers who are affected by COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, USA and beyond., a world’s first-of-its-kind device-agnostic telemedicine engine supported by a multi-lingual video call centre with more than twenty thousand pages of medically audited content and global network of renowned medical experts, will soon support Burmese speaking health professionals to reach out to Burmese migrant workers affected by COVID-19 pandemic overseas.

“I would like to thank all the doctors and volunteers in Myanmar who joined as Borderless Covid-19 Fighters under this philanthropic initiative to support this meaningful total wellness program especially in managing the psychological well-being of a COVID-19 positive person in a foreign environment. Our Burmese speaking volunteers apart from bringing a series of Burmese health education remotely, can also help in arranging family members of the COVID-19 positive patient to join the ‘co-care’ telemedicine session in the total wellness program. Dormitories can apply for free installation of the platform for telepresence using TVs which will be available in the halls of each dormitory,” says Dr Wei Siang Yu, founder and chairman of Borderless Healthcare Group.

The partners of this initiative have also reached out to various news media and portals in Myanmar to communicate to all the Burmese migrant workers overseas and their family members in the country. The Burmese public education of this initiative will commence as early as May 2020 with subsequent interactive ‘borderless co-care’ sessions to be introduced. An estimated of 3 million Burmese work overseas to pump in more than USD 8 billion into Myanmar’s economy.

Borderless Healthcare Group aims to work with its Borderless COVID-19 Fighters and the community in Myanmar to build the ‘heartware’ for all the Burmese migrant workers as they continue to sacrifice to build the hardware and infrastructure for the rest the world. This total wellness program for migrant workers is set to transform the way they connect to the health professionals and their family members as part of their welfare benefits.


Additional Notes:
Migrant workers are encouraged to sign up at to join our first interactive public health education by top COVID-19 experts and local doctors on 30th May 2020. The interactive public health education session will be conducted in two separate sessions: Bengali and Burmese languages.
Dormitory owners can apply for free download of’s app as part of the beta phase of the ‘Dormitory-of-the-Future’ Program at

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